October 22, 2018

The library

The Library consists of books and journals numbering in excess of 40,000 titles, primarily concerned with contemporary Greek history, from World War II to our day, in conjunction with international developments, especially in Europe. There are also special entities, with diachronic reference, on subjects of major national significance. The composition of the contents of the Library corresponds to the need for the most comprehensive documentation of the facts of events to which the original archival material refers, as also comprehensive information of researchers with reference exclusively to published material. With the same purpose, a collection is made of Greek and foreign journals as well as newspapers covering the entire extent of the period during which Konstantinos Karamanlis was a protagonist in Greek public life. The material as a whole is catalogued and classified according to international models. A bilingual index has concurrently been compiled, together with a Thesaurus (key words in English and Greek) to facilitate the user in the work of research.

The Library’s contents derive from purchases, donations by friends of the Foundation, the significant collections of G. Daskalakis and Ch. Korizis as well as from Karamanlis’ personal library.