Konstantinos Karamanlis’ Donation

K. Karamanlis donated a part of his private library to the Foundation; it’s a collection consisting of various topics, including works of ancient, recent and contemporary Greek history, as well as works on culture and philosophy.

Georgios Daskalakis’ Donation

In 1989, Georgios Daskalakis donated his collection of books and magazines to the Foundation. He was a professor of Public Law at Panteion University of Political Sciences with many published works, a constitutional advisor of the Greek Parliament, and he had also served as President of the Greek National Tourism Organization. His personal library, which now belongs to the Foundation, contains approximately 10,000 volumes, mainly on legal issues, as well as individual publications and magazines in Greek and in other languages.

Chariton Korizis’ Donation

Chariton Korizis, nephew of Prime Minister Alexandros Korizis, was a professor of Political Science at Athens University and a close associate of Themistocles Tsatsos. He was a history lover and a dedicated researcher of Greece’s political history, which constitutes the main theme of his collection that was donated to the Foundation by his wife, Vassiliki, in 1991.

Dionysios Flambouras’ Donation

In 1984, Dionysios Flambouras, a man especially interested in the political events of his era, donated to the Foundation’s Library his collection containing 1,500 books on the 2nd World War and the Greek Civil War.