Objectives & Activities


The Foundation’s primary goal is as comprehensively as possible to cast light on the historical events of the period after World War II, in conjunction with systematic study and research of what was accomplished by Konstantinos Karamanlis, and the promotion of the idea of a unified Europe. A fundamental prerequisite for attaining this goal was the collection, conservation and valorization of his personal archive, aspiring to the promotion of scientific research unconnected to any political or other expediency.


The Foundation develops in parallel activities on the following basic guidelines:


• Compilation of a Historical Archive


• Operation of a specialized library


• Collation of series of publications


• Conduct of conferences, seminars, lectures and exhibitions as well as of cultural events


• Collaboration with similar foundations abroad


• Participation in further training programmes


• Establishment of the Konstantinos Karamanlis Chair for Hellenic and European Studies at Boston’s Tufts University