General Presentation

Primary sources illuminating the political history of Greece, mainly of the postwar years, are contained in the Historical Archive.


The Konstantinos Karamanlis archive, donated by himself, constitutes the main core of this material, covering the broader span of his political career from 1935 to 1998, the year of his death. A comprehensive archive was compiled during this lengthy course, whose written material has been classified, catalogued, microfilmed, computerized and digitalized per document on database of approximately 150.000 pages by subject and processed in 431 special files.


The Historical Archive has moreover been complemented with the archives of prominent political personalities and Karamanlis’ close collaborators. The Foundation already contains the archives of Panagis Tsaldaris, Konstantinos Tsaldaris, Evangelos Averoff-Tositsas, Konstantinos Papakonstantinos, a wealth of data on specific subjects is comprised in the collected documents of Nikolaos Martis, Lina Tsaldari, Ioannes Boutos, Georgios Kontogeorgis, Gerasimos Apostolatos, Georgios Spentzas, Georgios Paravantis, Nikolaos Panagiotatos and Alkis Delmouzos a valuable acquisition was Anastasios Kanellopoulos’ archive referring to Panagiotis Kanellopoulos. There are also files of useful data in respect of specific thematic entities, from eponymous donors.

The Archive was further enriched by the Dionysios Flambouras collection which, besides written material, comprised a major portion of the underground Press of the Resistance and rare posters from the days of the dictatorship and the early years of the restoration of democracy. 100.000 pages of the Archives of Panagis, Konstantinos and Lina Tsaldaris have already been digitized.


The Foundation has drawn up special regulations for the accessibility of archival material to students. The basic premise for access to documents is that they should not come under the category of state secrets, to which certain documents of the past 30 years are liable.