I am a researcher

The main goal of the Foundation is to assist the work of researchers in contemporary history and politics. In that regard, the Historical Archive and the Library are accessible, on a daily basis, to both the specialist and the layperson. 


At the heart of the Foundation lies the Historical Archive with 19 collections of important personalities (i.e., Averoff, the Tsaldaris family, Papakonstantinou, Kanellopoulos etc). Access to the collections is free to all according to the international standards of archival research. 


The study of the archival material is at present restricted and can take place only at the Foundation’s premises, following the submission of a short application. However, the digitalization of most of the Archive’s contents allow for the speedy reproduction of material in hard or electronic form to the benefit of visiting or long-distance researchers. 


In the Foundation’s comfortable reading room, the researcher’s work can further be advanced through the easy access to 20000 books and journals that form the Foundation’s Library.